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Baseline Report on the Impact of

Climate Change on Persons with Disabilities

By Adv. Abhishek Kumar

The content of the baseline report includes:

1. Index of Abbreviations; 2. Index of Figures; 3. Executive Summary; 4. Contextual Background [A. Introduction, B. Context Setting, C. The Intersectional Paradigm, D. Global Perspective, E. Indian Context]; 5. Literature Review; 6. Methodology and limitation of study; 7. Objectives of the Study; 8. Survey Results and Analysis (Online Survey on Impact of Climate Change on Persons with Disabilities and Ban of Single-Use Plastic and Eco-Ableism); 9. Conclusion and the way forward; 10. Representation Petition for the Formation of National Mission on Climate Change and Vulnerable Communities under the National Action Plan on Climate Change, 2008; 11. Case Studies [Climate Anxiety, Disability-adjusted Life Years (DALYs), and Climate Change-induced Violence and the Need for Disaggregated Data]; 12. Annexure and References; and 13. About the Author.

Abhishek Kumar, We need a Disability-led Climate Action, UNICEF - Voices of Youth, 29th November 2023.

The blog covers The Sangyan’s research and advocacy endeavour on disproportionate impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, including persons with disabilities, and the ‘Build Forward Better’ Campaign advocating the need for a Disability-led Climate Action.

Adv. Abhishek Kumar and Ar. Kavya Poornima Balajepalli (2023) Climate Resilient and Accessible Architecture, Digital Symposium on "Beyond Vulnerability: The Rights and Agency of People with Disabilities in the Climate Crisis", nested in the Bill of Health parent blog via Harvard Law School Project on Disability (HPOD), the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School, and the Disability-Inclusive Climate Action Research Programme (DICARP) at McGill Law Faculty.

Disability in Modern India: Laws & Policies

This report delves into India's legal framework and policies concerning disabilities, with a dedicated focus on creating a barrier-free environment to enhance our understanding of these issues, address the challenges faced by persons with disabilities and ageing populations, and pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible India through in-depth analysis, gap identification, exploration of best practices, and recommendations.

Authored by Adv. Abhishek Kumar, Founder - The Sangyan for the Inclusiv.

1. Abhishek Kumar (2018) Economic Development and Environmental Justice: Cruel Conundrum or Symbiotic Relationship? (We Can Have Plan B, but No Planet B!), Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy, 21:1, 11-22, DOI: 10.1080/13880292.2018.1439693

2. Abhishek Kumar and Himanshu, Victim Compensation: An Indian Perspective, Delhi Law Review Student Edition, Vol. 5, 2016-17.

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